Welcome to SintAnna, the former Roman Catholic church of Yerseke, now a B&B, wedding and meeting facility and for many other activities! Also the location for the activities of the SintAnna ProDeo Stichting

info@sintanna.com // Langeville 37 - 4401 GL Yerseke (NL) // phone: +31 113 612 001 - cell phone +31 6 53 833 504

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* click on the price of the room for a specific date, then on the blue 'book now' button to continue in the reservation

* here you can see the availability at a glance. You do not have to stay in the same room to combine several nights.

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* You would like to talk to us? Please call, we are happy to answer questions!

* IMPORTANT: You will ALWAYS receive a booking confirmation, even after a reservation made by telephone!


Do you want to make a reservation at an excellent fish restaurant (within walking distance)?