SintAnna B&B PetitHotel has 6 guest rooms available. 4 Of the rooms are on the ground floor. The 5th and 6th rooms are on the first floor and are also wheelchair accessible. Here is a brief description of each room, with more explanations per room in the photos.

The prices of the guest rooms are listed here, along with the possible time of arrival and departure. Our payment conditions are listed there and you will also find the conditions to cancel. But we would rather see you come! And do you have children or do you have a pet? We are happy to discuss the options with you. 

Here you can see if and when rooms are available. You can also make a reservation here. You will then receive an immediate confirmation by e-mail. If you have not received a confirmation, please contact us, as your reservation may not have been successful. Any changes must always be confirmed by us in writing!
We like to see business guests and we are fully equipped for it. A peaceful atmosphere where you can recover from the day, each room has a desk to work at and has excellent wifi. The beds are equipped with an excellent mattress to ensure a good night's sleep. The business guest may arrive late and leave early. Payments can be made in cash or by card, but we also facilitate by means of an invoice to the company, if desired.
What to do in Yerseke? What does a tour entail and where can you walk or cycle? And then we are talking about the possibilities to enjoy culinary delights, with a delicious oyster and a drink! The options are described here.
You have been here and you know what St.Anna has given you. Here is the opportunity to stop keeping it to yourself, share it and give it away to someone you hold dear :)