What is and does the SintAnna ProDeo Foundation mean?
The SintAnna ProDeo Foundation wants to offer people a stay or activity in the SintAnna. It is intended for people who do not have the financial or physical capabilities themselves. We hope that a stay or activity gives people a positive impulse.

The SintAnna ProDeo Foundation was established on December 17, 2018. The SintAnna ProDeo Foundation is the social extension of the SintAnna, with the SintAnna as an instrument. Numerous activities can be organized and facilitated in the SintAnna. There is the Marta Hofmann Zaal on the first floor, there are four guest rooms ready to receive people and two guest apartments are planned to be built. SintAnna ProDeo has all these spaces available to achieve its objectives.

Why does the SintAnna ProDeo exist?
We draw inspiration from the text that we have encountered somewhere in the world :

In short, it boils down to this, that it is nice when you yourself are happy and smile. But it is even better when someone else is happy and smiling because of you.

What do we want to accomplish with the SintAnna ProDeo?
Because of where we have now come with the SintAnna, we are happy ourselves. With the SintAnna ProDeo Foundation we want to make sure that others laugh and feel happy too. That must be ProDeo for the other. For nothing. Without costs.

Who is the SintAnna ProDeo for?
The objectives of the foundation are broadly described for whom the foundation is intended:

"organizing various activities in the SintAnna in Yerseke or its nearby surroundings for the lonely, underprivileged, sick, recovering and / or disadvantaged, and the performance of everything related to or conducive to this. "

Actually, we can be brief about it: for anyone who, for whatever reason, cannot afford or has no energy to undertake such activities for themselves. These people are not nominated by the Foundation itself, but are nominated by the Opkikker Foundation, among others.

How does the SintAnna ProDeo pay for its activities?
All activities of the Foundation are funded through donations.

What is the timeframe that SintAnna ProDeo wants to go through?
In the first quarter of 2019, a lift was installed in SintAnna. This lift is the direct result of a selfless gift from a Belgian lady.


As a thank you, the SintAnna has named its room on the first floor in memory of the donor's mother after her mother: the Marta Hofmann Room on the first floor. The lift opens the way to receive everyone, regardless of their mobility and / or limitations, on the ground floor, the first and second floor. The next steps are to have the four rooms individually adopted by a private person or a company. In consultation, Sint Anna chooses the name for the adopted room. The annual amount made available by the adopter enables SintAnna ProDeo to achieve its objectives. At the start of the relationship between the SintAnna ProDeo and the adopter, the adopter also contributes to the realization of both apartments on the 2nd floor by means of a sum of money. SintAnna invests its energy in building the apartments. As soon as these apartments are ready, they will also be offered for adoption and become part of what the SintAnna ProDeo can offer to its target group. The apartments are expected to be ready by 2021 / 2022.