The MarthaHofmannZaal is located on the first floor, useful for many purposes and accessible by stairs and elevator.

The MarthaHofmannZaal has an area of over 150m². The stained-glass windows have all been preserved here and allow a nice diffused light through. It is a light space. The stained glass windows with the Christ story can be admired from up close on this floor.

An FSC wooden Muirapiranga floor gives the room a warm appearance. Part of the original columns have remained visible. The wood-paneled domed ceiling is original. The MarthaHofmannZaal is a room that, in addition to authenticity, also radiates space and tranquility through natural materials, an inspiring environment!  



The most beautiful day of your life requires a special location and we are happy to take you along. We would like it if you come by to see and discuss what is possible and how your wishes can be fulfilled! Click on the left for more information.

Meet in the inspiring MarthaHofmannZaal or in the KleineVergaderKamer. The MarthaHofmannZaal can accommodate up to 100 people and the Kamer is suitable for up to 8 people

Lunch and dinner - We provide lunches in SintAnna for both large groups and smaller groups. This can be done upstairs in the MarthaHofmann Room or in the Small Meeting Room. Or downstairs, in the surprising Sacristy.

A dinner: enjoy a beautifully served meal at long tables, or a buffet: it is possible in different parts of the SintAnna. Come and see which location and what interpretation best suits your wishes and occasion.

Receptions & High Tea, the MarthaHofmannZaal of SintAnna offers plenty of space to organize a reception or high tea. We set beautiful tables and there is the possibility to have everything taken care of by us, but you can also do parts yourself.