SintAnna & COVID-19
As a result of the changed circumstances and the SintAnna's response to the policy and regulations in this regard, the MarthaHofmannZaal currently offers space to fewer people than before. Depending on the arrangement (tables, only chairs), this can vary between 25 and more than 35 individual seats. Please let us know your wishes and inquire about our options!


 SintAnna offers the following two meeting and training facilities:



・up to 8 people

・beamer with screen and flipover

・excellent Wifi

・pantry kitchen





・up to 100 people

・beamer with screen and flipover

・excellent Wifi

・great acoustics

・easy to divide to separate into groups


Good to know:

・SintAnna also offers a lunch, beautifully arranged, very extensive, a feast for the eyes!

・In the middle of the day or after the day, we also have guides for a tour of the oyster pits at 500 meters, duration in consultation.

・Our house caterer can prepare an excellent buffet / dinner.

Do you have questions, do you want to know if something is possible? We would love to hear about it, as well as your wishes.