Anchovies in the Oosterschelde? Hell yes! Stichting Behoud Weervisserij has been organizing tourist cruises to 'weer'-fishing for a number of years. A visit to the weren is a unique opportunity to experience the age-old method of catching the famous Bergse anchovies up close. The trips are organized in the months of May and June, when the anchovies - which of course it's all about - should show themselves again in the Oosterschelde.


de Badkoerier has various editions, full of diverse activities. Here is the online version of Walcheren and Beveland. Scroll down the page of the online version for the other numbers with activities on the other islands (Schouwen, Zeeuwsvlaanderen).

Zeelandnet has its calendar, with more than 6000 events.



Beleven in Beweging : activity calendar July to August

everything about what to see and do in Middelburg!

in season there is a historic market every Tuesday in Veere