We are proud of the many fish restaurants in Yerseke! At all you can enjoy their oyster, mussel and lobster specialties. Would you like to eat delicious food in Yerseke, but would you like meat or a vegetarian dish, let the restaurant inform you in advance what is on the menu. Below is a list of the restaurants in Yerseke with a link to their website. There you will also find their telephone numbers. We have made two exceptions for restaurants that are not located in Yerseke. The famous 3-star restaurant "Inter Scaldes" in Kruiningen, a stone's throw from Yerseke. And Slot Oostende in Goes. That is a beautiful setting, including a brewery with restaurant. For a beer, coffee, lunch or meal.

Nolet Vistro restaurant

          Oesterput 14


de Oesterbeurs restaurant

de Branding restaurant           t Hoekje restaurant           de Viskêête restaurant - fishmonger
de Sportvisser brasserie & pub          

de Oesterij oyster tasting & shop

          het Kaaigat brasserie
Kaplan eatery & take-away           Pekaar oyster tasting           Inter-Scaldes restaurant (*** Michelin !)

Plantage coffee terrace & farmershop

          Slot Oostende (Goes) restaurant & lunches           Ticho Chocolaterie & tearoom Chocolate & coffee & teas
't Veerhuis café-restaurant          

Peking Chinese restaurant


de Kruik eatery & pub

de Schelde restaurant           't Anker café restaurant           en last but not least:
a pub further down the street at 45 secs.!