Hiking in the beautiful surroundings of Yerseke, near the Oosterschelde. Did you know that the Oosterschelde is a National Park? Click on the photo to go to the website of National Park Oosterschelde.


Here are some further suggestions:

The Zeeuws Landschap has several walking routes online: Swampy grounds, winding creek ridges, grazing cows and narrow bridges. A walk through a piece of the history of Zeeland: the moernering. From the beginning of July to the beginning of November you can walk this beautiful walk of 2.5 kilometers. Start at the shed on the Reeweg in Yerseke. More information can be found here


The walk through the Koude en Kaarspolder (west of Yerseke on the Oosterschelde), an area which is an eldorado for birds all year round: click here

NS walk Groene Wissel Yerseke / Kruiningen 17 km. This route starts and ends at the train station Kruiningen-Yerseke: click here

The Oosterscheldepad is a regional path with a length of 196 kilometers over a number of Zeeland islands, around the Oosterschelde National Park. Click here for the route

The Grenslandpad (LAW 11) is a long-distance walking path with a length of 363 km between Sluis in Zeeland and Thorn in Limburg. Click here for the route